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Booma’s Bbq Burger Sauce

Booma’s Bbq Burger Sauce

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Booma’s Bbq Burger Sauce

Booma's Burger Sauce. Taste sensation, burger edition! Tang, spice and everything nice in one sauce. Elevate. Devour. Repeat. Let your burger dreams come true. Spread generously on burgers or sandwiches. Use as a dipping sauce for fries or onion rings. Add a zesty kick to grilled vegetables or chicken.

Ingredients: canola oil, vinegar, sugar, water, gherkin (gherkins (50%), water, sugar, salt, food acid (260), mineral salt (509), flavours, preservative (224), colour (101), free range egg yolk, American mustard, tomato, salt, fried shallots, lemon juice, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, vegetable gum (xanthan), curry powder.

Allergens: egg / Gluten Free

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