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Tramontina End Grain Teakwood Board 45 x 35 x 3cm

Tramontina End Grain Teakwood Board 45 x 35 x 3cm

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Tramontina End Grain Teakwood Board 45 x 35 x 3cm


All cooking enthusiasts appreciate a quality wooden board like this one from Brazilian brand Tramontina.

The distinctive teak grains on this board are exceptional and, when combined with its solid thickness, the quality is difficult to surpass. Plus, the sturdiness makes all slicing and prepping tasks safer while the quality wooden surface protects your counter.

Key Features:
Size – 45 x 35 x 3cm
Beautiful end-grain board with a deep ridge all the way around to catch juices.
Made in Brazil from the short pieces of durable lumber grafted together vertically.
Tramontina has been around since 1911 and is known for its high quality standards.
The dense surface of the board also makes it more stable during use.

Before using for the first time, wash the product and rinse thoroughly
After each use, wash the product as usual with a soft sponge, soap, and detergent. Dry with a cloth
Store in a well ventilated place (avoid drawers and cupboards)
Do not immerse in water, place in the dishwasher or clean with steel wool pads
Do not leave to dry in the sun or by the sink
Do not stack items when they are wet
Do not put product in the oven or in the fridge.

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