Seasoning Hot Plates

How to Season KETTLE GEAR Plates

Seasoning can be done in a BBQ or oven (be mindful that this process can be a little Smokey)
You will need a pair of good BBQ gloves or welding gloves, some paper towel & your choice of high smoke point oil, our choice is grape seed oil or peanut oil.
  • Wash your steel hotplate using hot soapy water. 
  • Rinse and dry the hotplate thoroughly.
  • Place a tray in the BBQ or oven to catch any oil drips from the season process
  • Heat BBQ or oven to around 200°C.
  • Place plate in BBQ/oven and allow to come up to temperature
  • Once plate is up to temperature wipe a thin layer of your preferred oil onto both        sides of the plate & wipe off any excess, any blotches or pools of oil will cause the coating to splotchy and sticky. (Be careful the plate will be HOT!)
  • Leave in BBQ /oven until the coating has turned dark brown or even black
  • Turn off the BBQ /oven with the plate still inside and let them cool on their own.
  • Now the plate should be good to go, if you have any blotchy spots or areas where the seasoning has not taken, you can repeat from step 1 until you have the results you wish, some oils may be harder to achieve the results you would like.


Cleaning & Care :

Cleaning is best done without the use of detergents or soap as they can strip or damage the seasoning. It is best to clean seasoned items by giving them a wipe, using non-abrasive cloths only. Hard stuck-on stains, may need a very mild scrubbing pad. Be aware that this could thin or remove your seasoning. Alternative cleaning methods such as a salt/oil scrubs or boiling water can also be used. Best done whilst the plate is still warm. If detergent needs to be used and the seasoning has become poor, you may need to repeat the initial seasoning steps.


Storage & After Cleaning: 

After cleaning a seasoned plate, apply a thin layer of oil to prevent rust.

Store your Plate in a cool, dry area to prevent rust.

Enjoy !

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